The One Day No Humans Will Die From Violence


This website was created by a person who wishes to remain anonymous. For simplicity's sake, let's call this person "Mister." Mister reads and watches the news just about every day. And every day he sees hatred, destruction, and death from here and across the world. While some of the devastation are caused by Mother Nature or just accidents, there are many that are caused intentionally by people. Wars, road rage, domestic violence, gang wars, mass shootings are just a few examples of devastation that are caused intentionally by people. Mister thought, "Why can't we have one day out of the year where all people agree to celebrate life instead of taking a life. We can easily set our differences aside for just one day." Thus, the idea for this website was born.

All aspects of this website are paid and maintained by Mister completely with his own money. No donations or public money was used in any portion of the website or the ongoing operations of this website. There is no intention to make any money or profit from this website. This is why Mister wishes to remain anonymous so that even kind-hearted people with good intentions cannot influence or alter the mission of this website.